Sharmila to Lose Deposits

The contest between YS Sharmila and YS Avinash Reddy has been one of the most interesting battles in the 2024 General Elections of Andhra Pradesh.

After becoming the president of APCC, Sharmila decided to take on her cousin Avinash for the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat.

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While everyone is looking forward to an interesting battle between these cousins, AARA Mastan predicted that Sharmila would lose the deposit and Avinash would achieve a landslide victory in the constituency. He said that Sharmila would get a vote share of just 12%.

Mastan predicted YCP to win 13-15 seats out of 25 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh with a vote share of 48.29%. He said that the alliance of the Telugu Desam Party, Bharatiya Janata Party and Jana Sena would secure 10-12 seats with a vote share of 47.68%.

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He said that as Congress contested in a few Lok Sabha constituencies, the YSR Congress Party lost 3% of the vote share which would have given it around 2-3 seats.

AARA Mastan also predicted that YCP would come into power once again in the state by winning around 94-104 seats in the assembly elections. On the other side, he stated that the alliance parties would secure 71-81 seats.

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However, the prediction regarding Sharmila came as a huge surprise and could also be a major shock to the Congress Party, which was planning to rebuild itself in the state with her help.