The state of Telangana is set to celebrate its 10th formation day anniversary tomorrow. Telangana was formed on June 2, 2014, after a series of agitations which spanned over many years.

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For the past nine years, the formation day celebrations have been conducted under the governance of the BRS party. However, after BRS lost in the last elections, Congress came to power.

The current government, led by Revanth Reddy, has planned the celebrations on a grand scale. They are going to unveil the new state song “Jaya Jayahe Telangana” and the new state emblem tomorrow.

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They have also invited Congress leader Sonia Gandhi to the celebrations. CM Revanth Reddy personally went to Delhi to invite Sonia.

Since the last elections, Congress has been projecting Sonia as the mother of Telangana. During the campaign, it was promoted that Sonia was the one who granted Telangana statehood, and it was time for people to bring her back into government.

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After forming the government, Telangana Congress leaders planned to field Sonia for the MP elections from Telangana.

However, all their plans backfired. Sonia did not actively participate in the assembly election campaign. For the MP elections, she decided to opt for a Rajya Sabha seat rather than contesting for the Lok Sabha.

Now, she has also decided to skip the formation day celebrations. The AICC office has informed the state’s Congress Committee that Sonia will not be able to attend due to health issues.

It was stated that Sonia had to cancel her visit due to health problems and an extreme heat wave. Doctors have advised her to rest and cancel all plans.

However, she will deliver a special video message to the people of Telangana, which will be played at Parade Grounds during the celebrations tomorrow.

In that way, Sonia gave a “hand” to T-Congress leaders once again and disappointed the entire cadre.

Meanwhile, all arrangements for tomorrow’s events are being made at a rapid pace. At 9:30 AM, Revanth Reddy will pay tributes to martyrs at their memorial in Gun Park. At 10:00 AM, he will reach Parade Grounds and hoist the national flag.

Following that, there will be a parade by the police department. At 10:30 AM, Telangana’s state song will be unveiled. The full version of the song will be released online at 1:30 PM.

At 6:30 PM, celebrations will be held at Tank Bund. Various cultural activities depicting Telangana’s traditions will take place for 70 minutes. There will be a flag walk with 5,000 participants. More than 700 artists will take part in the event. The celebrations will conclude at 8:30 PM with a display of fireworks.