In the combined Prakasam district, the voter turnout has significantly increased compared to the last election. While it stood at approximately 79.74 percent previously, this time it has soared to 84.26 percent, indicating a notable rise.

Notably, the polling percentage surpasses 80 percent in the remaining four seats of the joint district, showcasing an enthusiastic voter participation compared to before. Party leaders suggest that the heightened turnout bodes well for the alliance.

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In the western region of the district, YSRCP secured a significant majority in the last elections. Even YSRCP leaders acknowledge the sway of their influence in these areas. However, it’s becoming evident that some of the five seats in the West may shift towards TDP’s favor.


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There is a prevailing sense that TDP’s victory in Kanigiri is almost assured. While YSRCP members express confidence in winning by a margin of five thousand votes, TDP supporters claim it will exceed 15 thousand.


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YSRCP emerged victorious in Giddalur in the last election with a majority of 81 thousand votes. However, current indications suggest optimism within the TDP camp. TDP received substantial support from the Kapu community through its alliance with Jana Sena.


In Darshi, MLA followers of the party have not backed the YSRCP candidate. It is anticipated that YSRCP’s lead in Tallur mandal and TDP’s lead in Mundlamur mandal will be significant. TDP’s strength in Kurichedu may tilt the balance. Though both parties are uncertain about their dominance in Darshi Nagar Panchayat and Rural mandals, there is a leaning towards TDP.


Both parties are confident of victory in Markapuram. YSRCP leaders anticipate consolidation of the Arya Vaishya vote, while the Reddy community, previously aligned with TDP, has now joined the alliance. Additionally, TDP candidate Narayana Reddy enjoys personal rapport with certain groups. Opposition to the government among employees, academics, and businessmen may also favor TDP.


In Yerragondapalem, TDP candidate Erikhshanbabu has gained traction among the populace, with the YSRCP candidate lagging behind. While TDP alliance members collaborated effectively, Minister Suresh’s faction within YSRCP has shown reluctance in some areas.

Notably, strong Reddy leaders have shifted allegiance to TDP in areas like Pullalacheruvu. Erikhshanbabu predicts victory by a margin of 25 thousand votes, while YSRCP leaders cautiously anticipate victory by 10 thousand votes.