The Polling in Andhra Pradesh is concluded and the voters’ verdict is sealed in the EVMs. The polling went as far as 2 AM in many stations and voters patiently waited for their turn. We will get to know if that is anti-incumbency or pro-incumbency when the results are revealed on June 4th.

Ever since the alliance with the TDP and Janasena was announced, there were doubts if the vote transfer would happen.

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Both the cadres have not in good terms ever since 2018. Pawan Kalyan announced an alliance with the BJP after 2019 and the TDP cadre was not ready because the Saffron Party helped YSR Congress during the elections.

There is always caste and cinema rivalry between them.

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Even after the alliance was announced, there were many issues like expectations about seat sharing, power-sharing, etc.

During this time, Pawan Kalyan also confused his cadre with contrasting statements.

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When it was finally revealed that Janasena would only get 24 MLA and three MP seats, the hell broke loose in Janasena camp. Things became even worse when Janasena sacrificed two MLA seats and One MP seat to the BJP.

At this juncture, the Janasena cadre almost lost interest in this election.

It was then, Pawan Kalyan who played a key role in recharging them.

Pawan Kalyan worked really hard after the nominations. He gave confidence in the party cadre as well as the Kapu community that he was working really hard and they should trust his decisions once to give themselves a real chance.

Chandrababu also won their trust by giving utmost respect to Pawan Kalyan. All these measures helped big time.

On the polling day, TDP and Janasena cadres worked in tandem and in perfect sync. The vote transfer happened seamlessly and this will be one of the important factors if the alliance wins. The Kamma and Kapu votes transferred successfully even in areas where the transfer never happened historically.

In some seats where Janasena is in the fray, TDP incharges who were denied tickets also worked hard and stood against the YSR Congress’s hooliganism to help the JSP candidates. We have seen how the TDP cadres took blows and stood by the Janasena candidate in the Railway Kodur constituency.

If the top leadership of both parties works carefully, the alliance will last longer.