There is a lot of hallabol about the Andhra Pradesh elections and its result. But it is relatively calm about the Parliament elections of Telangana. Since the Assembly elections were already concluded, there is less interest in the Telangana Parliament elections.

But then, the results may lead to so much drama in the next year or so.

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Many post-poll surveys indicate that BJP may emerge as the party with the highest seats in this election.

From just eight seats in the Assembly elections, this will be massive for the Saffron Party. BJP even claims double-digit seats.

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But Telangana has a history of voting differently for Parliament elections. In 2019, immediately after the massive victory for BRS in the Assembly elections, the People gave seven seats to the Opposition.

But then, if the BJP manages to end up with the highest number of seats, it will be a big danger to Revanth Reddy.

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It looks like Revanth Reddy is insecure about Congress politics as well as the BJP. He always tried to be in the Good books of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Probably, he does not want the BJP leadership to do something like Eknath Shinde in Maharashtra.

For the same reason, Revanth Reddy fielded weak candidates against the BJP’s top leaders.

With that advantage and with the natural advantage BJP gets due to the Modi factor, the Saffron Party may become a Gigantic problem if it ends up with more seats than the Congress.

If at all, BJP ends up with a double-digit number of seats, there is no guarantee that it will help Revanth Reddy.

Such a scenario may even prompt it to try something and grab Telangana from Congress.

If something of that sort happens, Revanth should blame himself.

The BJP under Modi and Amit Shah is known for unapologetic politics, they do not spare people just because they are nice to them or because they helped them.

Revanth Reddy instead should have gone for a kill and gotten maximum seats in Telangana and showcased big support in the people.

The only positive for Revanth Reddy in this whole scenario is BRS is likely to get decimated.

But then the Opposition voices will only get emboldened if Congress does not end up with the highest number of seats.

BRS has orators who can make use of that scenario to corner the ruling party.

So, we will see more drama in Telangana after the results unless Congress ends up with ten MP seats somehow.