Finally, the big day is here to find out who fared better in the Lok Sabha election, and all three major players and their supporters are eager to see the results.

All exit polls suggest that KCR’s BRS will most likely not even open their account, confining to zero or, in the best case scenario, a single seat if they are lucky.

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However, there is a great deal of curiosity about whether Congress or BJP will secure double digits out of the total 17 Lok Sabha seats. The double-digit winner will be seen as a mighty political force in Telangana from now on.

Following the assembly elections five months ago, these Lok Sabha elections are seen as a significant battleground.

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For BRS, it’s a survival crisis whether they score zero or one, but if BJP gets into double digits, it will severely demoralize KCR and BRS leaders.

In a way, this election will be a game-changer for BJP, and we will witness a political game in Telangana like never before.

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