TG People Shaming AP-IT Folks

Thousands of voters originally from Andhra Pradesh traveled back to their home state to participate in the May 13 assembly and Lok Sabha elections, leaving many city roads in Hyderabad deserted, particularly in the IT-corridor areas such as Madhapur, Hitech City, and Gachibowli.

Some Hyderabad folks began trolling Andhra IT professionals on social media, alleging that they occupy a disproportionate amount of space in Hyderabad due to the lack of jobs their own state, all thanks to Chief Minister YS Jagan. They accused AP people of stealing their jobs.

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But there pain is understandable as AP still doesn’t have a capital only because of Jagan. He only played with the people of AP with his illogical three capitals strategy.

Jagan finished all the wealth of Andhra Pradesh in the name of three capitals building nothing or creating any jobs.

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Despite the passage of 10 years since the state’s bifurcation, Andhra residents continue to depend on neighboring states for livelihoods.