Today is the 101st Anniversary of the Legendary NT Ramarao. It’s been more than 28 years since the Stalwart Politician left this Mortal World but his mark on Telugu Politics is indelible.

NT Ramarao is one of the greatest actors who ever lived in India. It is not easy for anyone to have a remarkable Second Innings as well. But NTR the Politician is even mightier than NTR the actor.

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There is NTR’s mark on Telugu Politics even today. NTR is an embodiment of Pro-Poor and Telugu pride all his life.

The welfarism in Telugu States today has its roots in the Revolutionary Schemes of NTR, such as 2 Rupees Kilo Rice and 50 Rupees Pension.

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It was NTR who started it first and even though the times have changed, the conditions have changed, the rulers have changed, and nobody really dared to change those schemes.

The Rice Scheme exists even today and even it was implemented at the National Level after COVID by PM Modi.

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The Pension Scheme only grew and an increase in pensions is a significant promise in the manifestos of the TDP and YSR Congress.

YSR was an arch-rival of NTR and his son named a district after NTR. That underlines the prominence of NTR in Telugu Politics.

KCR even today sings praises on NTR on every possible occasion.

NTR started the Telugu Desam Party in 1983. He has been instrumental in forming Governments at the National Level and we have also seen TDP emerge as the Main Opposition in the Parliament even in the elections that were swept by a Sympathy wave after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Telugu Desam Party went through several crises including ousting of its own founder.

The party traveled through Turbulent Times due to YSR’s Defection Politics, the Bifurcation Crisis, and the recent Vendetta Regime of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The party was written off several times and the Political Analysts did not give it a chance to but TDP was always surprised.

We have seen the party rise from ashes every single time.

Take the case of the recent elections, Jagan was after every TDP leader. He filed cases against Chandrababu and Lokesh. Chandrababu Naidu was jailed for more than 50 days.

And then, there is the Central Government that aided Jagan in every single instance.

We have seen Regional Politics like JDS, Samajwadi Party, BSP, RJD, Akali Dal, and others perish unable to stand against the BJP.

The Saffron Party pushed itself to power wherever possible and where it was not possible, it split the parties like Shiv Sena and NCP in Maharashtra.

However, the BJP did not try something like TDP due to the strength of the party in the people.

But TDP stood the time and is a strong contender for winning the recently concluded elections. The credit for the strength is always the ideological strength of TDP due to NT Ramarao.

The Concrete of TDP’s Foundation is laid with Welfarism, Social Engineering, and Telugu Pride.

NTR has given chances to some communities that never imagined participation in politics. NTR’s Social Justice is not about rewarding the rich in those communities as it is today. He gave chances to the poor and most common people in those backward classes.

He transformed the lives of the people with every step of his. That is the reason why TDP has the strongest of cadres today.

We have seen them suffer for five years in faction-ridden areas like Rayalaseema and Palanadu but all of them stood fort against Goondaism, Rigging, and Booth Capturing in the recent elections.

We have seen people flocking to the state from other states and countries to vote for the party.

Today, TDP is a very serious contender for winning the election. They say the building will be strong if the foundation is strong.

The credit for the strong foundation of the TDP is because of NTR.

Going by what is happening in the country, TDP has a different DNA when compared to the other Regional Parties in the country.