Trolls On KCR

BRS party was founded back in 2001 with the aim of getting a separate Telangana state. Since then, Telangana sentiment has been the driving factor of the party.

It was also one of the primary forces of the Telangana agitation. However, things changed after the state was formed and BRS came into power. Many people opined that BRS put aside the promises made during “udhyamam” (agitation) after forming the government.

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Congress ended BRS’s decade of rule by winning last year’s assembly elections. After the defeat in the polls, Telangana sentiment and agitation have been a part of BRS leaders’ speeches once again.

The party’s supremo, K. Chandrashekar Rao, has been touring across the state for the last few days, campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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During his public meeting at the Karimnagar district’s Veenavanka today, KCR stated that the Telangana agitation hasn’t ended yet (Telangana Udhyamam inka aipoledu) and the state needs to be rebuilt once again.

This statement received several trolls on social media. Netizens have opined that “udhyamam” will come alive whenever KCR or his BRS party is in trouble. They questioned why BRS didn’t talk about agitation during its ten-year tenure in power.

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