In 2019, Vamsi, who initially won on a TDP ticket and later joined the YSRCP, witnessed a gradual decline in his political standing.

The decline accelerated after an incident where TDP leader Chandrababu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari, was insulted.

Meanwhile, Yarlagadda Venkatarao’s appointment as the TDP Gannavaram constituency in-charge has boosted enthusiasm within the party ranks.

Amidst these developments, Vamsi has conveyed to YSRCP leaders multiple times that he has decided to refrain from contesting in the upcoming elections.

Over the past two months, Vamsi has not actively participated in any campaign activities in the Gannavaram constituency, limiting his presence to office work or visits.

Despite expectations that he would contest from Gannavaram as a YSRCP candidate, Vamsi’s current stance has raised doubts within the party regarding his actual intentions.

The recent meeting with the Chief Minister reportedly revolved around discussions about Vamsi’s potential candidacy.

Some members within the YSRCP speculate that Vamsi’s entry into Gannavaram could lead to the sidelining of two influential YSRCP leaders, Yarlagadda Venkatarao and Dutta Ramachandra Rao.

Questions have arisen within the party about the reasons behind Vamsi’s hesitation to contest, with some suggesting concerns about facing Yarlagadda Venkatarao and the fear of potential defeat.

Vamsi, who secured victories on a TDP ticket in 2014 and 2019, has held a strong grip on Gannavaram.

However, the alleged corruption of his followers in the constituency, opposition to the government, and a perceived fear of defeat in the upcoming elections are speculated reasons for his reluctance to contest from Gannavaram.

In the meeting with YSRCP leaders, two alternative options were reportedly suggested Vamsi contesting from Penamalur or entering the fray in the Mylavaram constituency.

It is understood that Vamsi has shown a positive inclination towards one of these options. Further clarification on Vamsi’s position is expected in the coming week or ten days.