YS Jagan Viral VideoMaata Thappanu Madama Thippanu is a famous dialogue of AP CM YS Jagan. But he is turning a blind eye to this motto now as he is irking government employees in every way possible by wrecking havoc with the PRC modifications. Incidentally, government employees have now called for an indefinite strike starting from 7th February.

Now, a video clipping of YS Jagan from his 2019 election campaign is going viral. In the video, we see Jagan’s manifesto, which promises timely PRCs to government employees.

Jagan says any political party that does not stand by the manifesto should be ousted from power immediately, as a part of his speech in 2019.

Cut to now, Jagan has tracked back on the PRC promise and thus not abiding by his manifesto. Going by his pre-poll statement on the manifesto, he should be stepping down for not walking the talk, say political observers.