Jagan Chandrababu Naidu

The worst fears of everyone about Volunteers have come true. They have started a venomous campaign against Chandrababu Naidu to favor Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Going into the details, the Election Commission barred Volunteers from distributing Direct Beneficiaries Transfers (DBTs) including Pensions following the directive of the High Court.

Andhra Pradesh High Court gave the direction while dealing with a petition filed by the Citizens for Democracy against the usage of volunteers in the distribution of government schemes following continuous complaints against them for influencing elections at the grassroots level.

After the EC’s direction, the YSR Congress hatched a plan to use it in their favor.

Volunteers are going house to house today and are informing the beneficiaries that Chandrababu Naidu stopped the pensions for the next two months and will only come if Jagan Mohan Reddy comes to power.

Incidentally, Sakshi a few days ago, published an article that pensions will be disbursed only from April 3rd due to financial year closing and bank holidays.

Even if the old people go to the Secretariats, they will not receive pensions today and tomorrow. So, they will be scared and tend to believe the volunteers.

Even though the Election Commission allowed Bank Transfers or distribution by Government employees, Jagan Government is intentionally not doing it.

Volunteers have emerged as extra-constitutional forces influencing the voters and elections.

They are clearly working in favor of a political party and are disrupting free and fair elections.

Chandrababu Naidu, until yesterday, is trying to appease these people. But going by what is happening today, the entire system needs a complete revamp or should be scrapped completely.

The existing government machinery that is devoid of political appointment must be used for pensions disbursement.