YS Jagan Mohan Reddy named Avinash Reddy as Kadapa MP candidate once again even though he is one of the accused in his own uncle, YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case.

YS Sunitha and Sharmila are fighting against Avinash Reddy but Jagan does not care and is firmly with Avinash in this issue.

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Now, Sharmila herself is contesting against Avinash in Kadapa.

Meanwhile, Telangana High Court is hearing the petition to cancel Avinash’s bail in this case. The other day, the CBI filed an Affidavit saying that the witnesses in this case are at huge risk in case Avinash’s bail is canceled.

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If Sharmila can cut the votes of the YSR Congress, there is a chance that the TDP’s candidate will win Kadapa.

Moreover, if Avinash’s Bail is canceled, Jagan will have to change the candidate or will have to risk losing Kadapa.

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Once Avinash’s Bail is canceled, Jagan can no longer support Avinash. He can blame the BJP for the bail cancelation but the YSR Congress will not risk doing that for obvious reasons.

Probably, sensing a chance of arrest and Kadapa seat becoming easy, the BJP is asking TDP to exchange the Kadapa MP seat with the Jammalamadugu Assembly seat.

However, TDP will be in two minds here.

If Kadapa MP is given to the BJP, it will impact the Muslim voters in the Assembly constituencies.

However, if the seat is given to BJP, the party will stop saving Avinash and if the MP is arrested in the case, YSR Congress can be cornered in all the seats of the state.

So, the story of Kadapa will be very interesting.