YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy seems to be very worried about the impact of Viveka’s Murder case on Kadapa district.

He tried to make amends to in his first meeting after starting the election today in Proddaturu.

“వివేకా చిన్నాన్నని ఎవరు చంపారో, చంపించారో చిన్నానకు, ఆ దేవుడికి, కడప జిల్లాలో అందరికీ తెలుసు,” Jagan said. He blamed Chandrababu Naidu for creating rift in the family. He also added that his two Chellemmalu are also manipulated by Chandrababu.

It was Jagan who withdrew his petition in the high court asking for a CBI inquiry rising doubts about him and his men for the first time.

Viveka’s daughter Sunitha had to fight in court to get the CBI investigation.

The CBI named Jagan’s relatives and party men in the list of accused. It also included Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy.

We have seen Jagan trying to save Avinash in all possible ways and also troubling the CBI officers investigating the case. Sunitha had to go to the court and transfer the case to Telangana to keep AP Government away.

Sharmila who worked hard to bring Jagan to power is also against him in this case.

Later, we have seen YSR Congress men led by Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy blame Sunitha and her husband for the murder.

But if Sunitha or her husband are involved, they would have let the case die instead of going to court for the CBI investigation.

Keeping aside the CBI investigation, the case is with Jagan’s CBI for around eight months and there was no effort to nab the criminals if Chandrababu and his men are really involved.

Blaming Chandrababu for the murder is just trying to hoodwink the public.

People are not naive to believe this Kahani just before the elections especially when his own family members do not trust Jagan.

It is a fact that Jagan shielded his own men who are involved in his uncle’s murder and in the process ditched his family members for political gain. Public will believe this incident like this only. It is better Jagan keep silent on this issue like he did for all the five years.