YS Sunitha is doing a relentless fight for justice for her father Vivekananda Reddy who was murdered brutally by their own relatives.

Besides doing a legal fight, she is also keeping pressmeets and attending Sharmila’s election campaign to defeat Avinash Reddy, the key conspirator in the case.

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Today, Sunitha called for a Pressmeet and explained with a presentation the connection between the murderers and the phone calls that happened between them on that fateful day. After the presentation, Sunitha took questions from the media.

A Sakshi Reporter makes it a point to attend all such pressmeet and tries to trouble Sunitha with questions. Even his voice tone is reckless and disrespectful while addressing Sunitha.

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Today, the reporter asked why Sunitha is targeting only Sakshi when all channels telecasted Heart Attack news first.

“That is because Sakshi got the death news right from the spot. Sakshi and its owner got live information. Other Channels quickly corrected but Sakshi did not correct it. At around 6.24 AM that day, Shankar Reddy rang Sakshi’s Kadapa Reporter Balakrishna. What did the persons in the room tell Sakshi? Why did Sakshi telecast the wrong news?,” Sunitha questioned.

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The reporter did not bog down and further tried to cover up saying that it may be a deliberate attempt to control law and order since Kadapa is a faction-ridden district and Vivekananda Reddy is an influential leader.

“I am sorry. Are you understanding what you are saying? It is a crime to try to mislead. In this case, the police are threatened. The Circle Inspector had been threatened and the crime scene was cleaned. You can clearly see the motive,” she said.