TDP, Janasena, and BJP are fighting this elections jointly but still there are doubts over the saffron’s loyalty in the alliance.

People are doubting the secret friendship between Jagan and the BJP high command.

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YS Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter Suneetha Reddy suspects the same.

She alleged that there is a strong bond between YS Jagan and BJP’s top 2 (referring to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah).

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When asked whether TDP-JSP-BJP would do her justice in Viveka’s case when they come into power, Suneetha opined that Jagan is good friends with Modi and Shah.

Initially, Suneetha suspected that the BJP is still supporting YCP but later said that she is hoping for TDP’s victory so that BJP’s dependency on YCP gets decreased.

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She opined that these elections are very crucial and hoped that TDP would come into power.

She said TDP should get stronger so that Modi would be more dependent on TDP than YCP to get power in the centre.