Sharmila Vijayamma

The differences within YS Rajashekhar Reddy’s family have been a topic of discussion during these elections. While YSR’s son YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is leading the YSR Congress Party, his daughter YS Sharmila separated from her brother and became the president of Andhra Pradesh Congress.

During the campaign, the siblings waged verbal warnings against each other and made the unrest between them more apparent.

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However, their mother YS Vijayalakshmi preferred to stay away from their political battle. Instead of choosing between her children, Vijayamma opted to go to America during the election season.

Finally, Vijayamma took a stand and clarified her political preference. She chose her daughter Sharmila over Jagan.

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In a recently released video, Vijayamma termed Sharmila as the true heir of YSR and requested people to vote for her.

She said that YSR served people and had been with them till his last breath. “Everyone in Kadapa, who loves Rajashekhar Reddy Garu and supports him, I request you to vote for my daughter Sharmila in the Lok Sabha elections.”

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Sharmila is contesting for the Kadapa MP seat in these elections. Her cousin YS Avinash Reddy is representing the YSR Congress Party on the other side.

By showing her support for Sharmila, Vijayamma made it clear that she supports her daughter over her son.