Jagan Botsa

A large number of trolls have emerged in response to CM Jagan’s comments following his meeting with IPAC. Even his own cadre find his remarks about securing more than 151 seats to be unrealistic. YSRCP leaders and members also seem skeptical of Senior Minister Botsa Satyanarayana’s statement regarding the party’s victory, made the very next day.

Botsa claimed that the party might win over 170 Assembly segments in this election and mentioned that they are already searching for locations for Jagan’s swearing-in ceremony.

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These statements have sparked significant trolling on social media. Videos of KA Paul claiming that all votes are his, juxtaposed with Jagan and Botsa’s confident remarks, are being widely mocked. Many party sympathizers and fans are even removing party stickers and pictures from their cars, feeling insecure.

There is speculation that Jagan’s comments about a sweeping victory are intended to prevent party workers from abandoning their posts. Additionally, it is suggested that these comments aim to keep police officers under control and to ensure that polling agents remain vigilant until the last minute to confuse the opposition.

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Despite Jagan’s confident declarations about the election results, the YSRCP cadre are hesitant to place bets, fearing they might lose. Opposition parties are interpreting this reluctance as evidence that even YSRCP members do not believe in Jagan’s optimistic predictions.