YSRCP ExposedIT Professionals in Hyderabad protesting in support of Chandrababu Naidu in various parts of Hyderabad caught everyone’s attention. The cars rally on Outer Ring Road the other day also got huge traction in media and social media.

YSR Congress quickly got alert and tried to do damage control.

They deployed YSR Congress Social Media workers and teams working at the I-PAC office in Hyderabad to do a rally. There were rumors in the political circles that some leaders had even arranged cars for the rally.

Even then the turnout is so poor when compared to the rally supporting Chandrababu.

Sakshi made elaborate programs to highlight this rally. Those who spoke to the channel sounded even comical.

“Chandrababu did nothing to IT Development in Hyderabad. Constructing one arch and naming it HITEC City means nothing. Hyderabad is what it is today due to Late YSR. Chandrababu’s arrest is completely justified. We support CM Jagan,” one fellow was seen saying and Sakshi was running scrollings and headlines on that silly comment.

They were seriously speaking but their comments looked comical and without basic political knowledge.

It is interesting to note that local authorities who troubled the rally supporting Chandrababu gave a free hand to this rally.

Meanwhile, Onlookers say the YSR Congress should come up with something original instead of copying the idea of Chandrababu’s supporters.