Devil Telugu Movie Review Rating

Mostly Flat, Partly Thrills


U/A, 2h 26m

What Is the Film About?

British secret agent ‘Devil’ (played by Kalyan Ram) is assigned a crucial task: to decode information related to Netaji. Simultaneously, he begins investigating a murder plot involving Vijaya, Nyshada’s (Samyuktha Menon) cousin, which is interconnected with his mission. The story revolves around uncovering the secret behind Devil’s identity, his mission, unraveling the murder mystery, and helping Netaji.


Kalyan Ram plays Devil, and he should be appreciated for attempting something new every time. He impeccably fits the role, and delivers what’s required. Devil demands a tough attitude and has less to do with emotions, and Kalyan Ram delivers flawlessly. His styling adds to the overall appeal of the character, and he carries it well throughout.

Samyuktha Menon as Nyshadha gets a significant role, but she fails to make an impact. It’s largely due to the way her character was written and presented; otherwise, she performs adequately.

Malavika Nair has a brief role, yet she gets a couple of crucial scenes, but her portrayal makes zero impact. If this role were written better, it could have elevated a couple of key blocks significantly, but instead, it’s a plain character with excessive buildup for nothing.


Devil was started by Naveen Medaram and later taken over by Abhishek Nama, credited as the film’s director, marking the producer’s debut in directing.

Devil begins intriguingly, set against a British and period backdrop, quickly delving into a murder and an action sequence introducing Kalyan Ram. Although not razor-sharp, it manages to pique interest due to its fresh setting.

The way the investigation is written and executed proves to be a mixed bag. It lacks complete thrill or captivation, yet it isn’t dull either.

However, the primary issue arises when crucial moments fail to leave an impact. For instance, when Devil encounters Samyuktha Menon in a suspicious condition for the first time, he merely states he will uncover her motives and departs. Similarly, their love track seems forced.

The same situation applies to the presentation of another female character, Malavika Nair. Despite a brief build-up around her role, the revelation appears lackluster.

Additionally, there are a couple of songs that leave us puzzled about why they’re included in a serious narrative; they don’t blend well with the artificial love track.

What keeps the audience engaged is the core plot related to Nethaji and the codes connected to him. The fight before the interval works very well, managing to generate interest in the second half despite these issues.

The second half starts promisingly, but soon the issues from the first half resurface. While some concepts related to the core plot perform decently, attempts to thrill or elevate the narrative end up feeling lackluster or ordinary. For instance, the heroine blindly trusts Devil and confesses everything, citing love and trust as her reasons – it’s quite basic.

The reveal of ‘Trivarna’ had huge potential but falls short of being impactful. These crucial moments should have taken the film to new heights, but they don’t quite achieve that here.

The revelation of the mole within the INA team also lacks depth, appearing rather simple and straightforward. However, the intermittent drama surrounding the murder plot and a couple of action sequences do manage to captivate.

Overall, Devil has an interesting setting and a few impactful action sequences. However, the absence of a robust villain or conflict, along with the underwhelming drama around female characters and stereotypical portrayal of British officers, relegates it to a one-time watch with the right expectations.

Performances by Others Actors

Devil features several character artists who perform their roles without any complaints. However, none of them manage to make a significant impact or enhance the scenes with their characterizations.

Comedian Satya has a decent presence, but it’s yet another ordinary role. Srikanth Iyengar, Ajay, Shafi, Elnaaz, and a couple of British characters play template roles.

Music and Other Departments?

Music by Harshavardhan Rameshwar is a mixed bag. Some songs within the narrative disrupt the flow, lacking interest and falling below par. Regarding the background score, it delivers an intriguing score in parts, but overall, it fails to make a significant impact or elevate the film.

Cinematography by Soundar Rajan is fairly decent. However, the period setting lacks excitement, failing to offer that next-level experience, despite extensive set work. Editing by Tammiraju could have been better; the film feels overly long, displaying noticeable inconsistencies.

Abhishek Pictures’ production values are satisfactory, including a couple of action sequences and the overall setting.


Core Plot Idea

Kalyan Ram

Period Setting

Couple of Action Blocks


Lack of a strong core conflict or villain

Key revelations lack thrills


Not so impactful female characters

Template British villains

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, to an extent

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, but keep expectations limited

Devil Movie Review by M9

Final Report:

Devil is more of an investigative thriller with a patriotic touch. It doesn’t offer surprising twists and turns, but the core plot is moderately engaging, despite some key revelations falling flat. Watch it with limited expectations.

First Half Report:

The first half of Devil follows a straightforward investigation despite a few unnecessary songs and mostly ineffective BGM. But, the core plot maintains its intrigue, retaining interest.

— Devil started with a murder investigation scene, followed by an action sequence introducing Devil Kalyan Ram. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Devil Review, USA Premiere Reprt.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram recently delivered the blockbuster film ‘Bimbisara’ and is now geared up for another interesting project titled ‘Devil – The British Secret Agent,’ produced and directed by Abhishek Nama of Abhishek Pictures. The ‘Devil’ trailer received a positive response. Stay tuned for M9’s Devil movie review from the USA Premiere.

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Samyuktha Menon and others.

Directed & Produced by Abhishek Nama.

Banner: Abhishek Pictures

DOP: Soundar Rajan S
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Srikanth Vissa
Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Editor: Tammiraju
Story Development: Prashanth Baradi

U.S. Distributor: Prime Media

Devil Movie Review by M9