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Ravi-Teja-Eagle-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Sahadev (Ravi Teja) has a mysterious past, and he is known as the most dangerous man. Journalist Anupama Parameswaran finds herself in a situation after publishing a story about him, and now she wants to uncover all about him. Eagle movie explores Sahadev’s past, why he is called Eagle, and the reasons behind his mission.


Ravi Teja plays Sahadev, a role that maintains a serious tone throughout. He portrays it with ease, setting aside his usual energetic mass and comedic body language. The getup looks good on him, with a salt-and-pepper beard, and the chosen costumes complement the on-screen appearance, bringing an age-appropriate feel. Although there isn’t much emotional exploration for him, it’s all about being intense and delivering action, and he does so without any issues.

Anupama Parameswaran portrays the journalist role and delivers as expected. Nothing particularly stands out, but there’s also nothing to complain about.

Kavya Thapar enters in the second half for a prolonged love track, looking gorgeous in sarees, with her skin tone and styling appearing lovely. However, in terms of performance, her character doesn’t offer anything noteworthy.


Karthik Gattamneni directed “Eagle”. To start with, he has a simple plot, but he has an ambitious task at hand to turn it into a high-octane action thriller with a new-age action flavor.

The film starts interestingly, diving right into the story without wasting any time and grabbing quick attention. Ravi Teja has minimal dialogue in the first half, but the majority of the elevations come through various characters for Ravi Teja.

There are elevation dialogues in almost every other scene for Ravi Teja, and at the same time, there is little happening story-wise, making it feel overboard after a point. Also, the setup lacks the weight to support the ongoing buildup.

Whether it’s Madhubala being the agency boss or Srinivas Avasarala acting as a RAW agent, their presentation looks pale and ordinary compared to the heaviness the director is showing on the side for Ravi Teja. Additionally, there are a few occasional comedic moments through Ajay Gosh’s character.

But what still works is the mystery surrounding the lead character and his mission, coupled with well-executed action sequences, making the first half passable.

The second half of “Eagle” further exposes the issues highlighted in the first half. The core idea or buildup lacks the support system to elevate Eagle or his mission of turning into a ruthless assassin.

It is further diluted by an uninteresting prolonged routine love track, where Eagle spends most of his time stalking and heroing through his sniper gun. Additionally, there is a dull song that adds to the increased boredom.

The entire Naxal track, along with a battalion of the army trying to bring down Eagle, looks artificial. These two subplots do not blend into the plot organically nor provide the thrill required to keep the momentum going.

However, here and there, there is an action block working to some extent. The pre-climax action episode and the ideas used (such as Goddess firing, etc.) again elevate the proceedings, but it is once again diluted by a forced emotional episode involving a kid. There is hardly any emotional depth, but the message about gun violence and innocent lives being lost, shown using real footage, is sure to break one’s heart.

Overall, “Eagle” delivers big on a couple of action episodes, but the core conflict or setup (RAW and Naxals) does not flow organically to provide the required highs, making it a one-time watch with limited expectations.

Kavya-Thapar-Eagle-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

In a film like Eagle, the supporting cast plays a vital role. We have the likes of Navadeep, Srinivas Avasarala, Madhubala and Ajay Ghosh taking up such key parts.

Navdeep is adequate in that he does the required deeds related to the hero, but one can’t help but feel if things could have been elevated further. The same holds for Madhubala and Srinivas Avasarala at an even lower level. They are all right as individual acts go, but given the setup, something feels amiss. Ajay Ghosh is okay with a couple of comic moments coming his way. The rest of the cast which includes the villains are okay.

Music-Director-DavzandMusic and Other Departments?

Davzand disappoints with the music (songs) even if one has very low expectations to begin with. The background score is better, as it fits the slick action milieu better. However, even, here the impact we see with Lokesh Kanagaraj – Anirudh is missing.

Karthik Ghattamaneni handles multiple departments besides directing the movie. He handles the editing and also does part of the cinematography along with Karm Chawla, and Kamil Plocki. Karthik scores in the visual departments as he is also a cinematographer by profession. However, the editing could have been better as the movie feels lengthy and can be trimmed further for a sharper narrative.

The production values by People Media Factory are excellent. Eagle bears a grand look and the action is done on a high scale.


Action Episodes

Ravi Teja

Stylish Making

Lavish Production


Style Dominates Substance

Excessive Buildup, Minimal Payoff

Ordinary Drama

Love Track/ Songs

Shallow Support Cast arc.

Navdeep-Eagle-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, Action Blocks

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, If You’re a Hard Core Action Lover

Eagle Movie Review by M9

Final Report:

Eagle has a watchable first half with a couple of well-executed action sequences and some suspense around the lead character. However, the second half becomes tedious with an uninteresting prolonged love track and lacks solid, convincing conflict and backdrop for all the buildup. ‘Eagle’ has ambitious action VFX production backing it up by People Media Factory.

First Half Report:

First half of ‘Eagle’ operates on continuous elevations through dialogue, focusing more on style so far. The buildup is heavy; the second half needs to justify it.

Ravi Teja sports an age-appropriate look and has minimal dialogue in the first half. Interval factory fight scene stands out for its stylish execution.

Eagle started against the backdrop of a powerful man and the mysterious story behind his past. It’s an interesting start; the movie dives right into the plot. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned Eagle movie review, U.S. premiere report.

Karthik Gattamneni made his directorial debut with an out-of-the-box film, ‘Surya vs Surya’. Before that, he worked on a bunch of films as a cinematographer. ‘Karthikeya 2’ is one of his recent big hits. Now, Karthik is back with Ravi Teja’s “Eagle”, where he can showcase his directorial skills and leave his mark on visuals, it’s a rare combo. “Eagle” comes with relatively low expectations, which are seen as an advantage. If the content clicks, it won’t take much time to generate hype, especially with Ravi Teja on board.
“Eagle” is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad under People Media Factory.

Cast: RaviTeja, Anupama Parameshwaran, Kavya Thapar,Navdeep, Srinivas Avasarala, Madhubala & Ajay Gosh.

Edited and Directed by: Karthik Gattamneni

Producer: T.G Vishwa Prasad
Co-producer: Vivek Kuchibhotla

Production Banner: People Media Factory

Written by: Karthik Gattamneni & Manibabu Karanam
Music Director: Davzand
Director of Photography: Karthik Gattamneni, Karm Chawla, Kamil Plocki.

U.S. Distributor: People Cinemas

Eagle Movie Review by M9