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Watchable Mass Fare


‘A’ Certified, 2 hrs 20 mins

iSmart Shankar Review, iSmart Shankar Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?iSmart Shankar (Ram) is a local rowdy who does small settlements. He gets an offer that would change his life. It is a killing contract. Parallelly a love story and a CBI investigation are going on by Arun (Sathyadev). How these seemingly irrelevant plots merge and what happens then is what the movie is all about?

How Is Ram’s Performance?
Ram is the heart and soul of the movie. He puts blood into the character, and it shows on screen. The whole body language and attitude are different compared to his earlier outings. The slang has been worked upon hugely. The change is the entertainment for the movie.

If one leaves out the remarkable transformation, acting-wise he has not got enough dramatic moments. It is the usual grind that we see in the commercial mass entertainers. The entire character goes on with an undercurrent attitude and satirical tone that Puri Jaggandh is famous for delivering. It is the best part. For the sheer effort put into playing the role, iSmart Shankar is without any doubt the best act in the career of Ram.

iSmart Shankar Review, iSmart Shankar Movie Review RatingsDirection by Puri Jagannad?
Puri Jagannadh is a brand and an experienced pro when it comes to handling commercial entertainers. He has his unique style and presentation of a hero, which has won countless admirers. iSmart Shankar is another fabulous addition to the list.

Unfortunately, Puri Jagannadh is getting let down on the story film after film. He takes an interesting concept and then runs out of steam pretty soon. iSmart Shankar is no different on that count.

The movie opens impressively and draws us into the narrative as we get accustomed to the antics of iSmart Shankar. The combination of Puri Jagannadh’s writing, Ram’s body language and dialogue delivery with Telangana slang generated fun in the most ordinary and predictable circumstances. Missing even one of the links in this would result in restlessness as nothing is happening really.

We get to the actual story around the pre-interval mark, and it ends with a neat interval bang. The expectations are raised, on the second half as to what is in store next. How will the director handle the ‘dual sim’ sequences – the prospects seem rosy.

However, Puri Jagannadh pours water on those expectations by taking the narrative on a predictable beaten to death path. There is some fun initially, but as soon as we get to the core story, it all seems been-there-done-that kind. The only good thing is Puri Jagannadh ruses through them without entirely making one squirm in discomfort which has happened previously.

The climax with all the six-packs and action is as predictable as it can get. Even within the short duration, it appears a bit overdone. But, looking at the formulaic approach that has set in, it seems alright as we know what is coming next.

Overall, iSmart Shankar has a passable first half that raises hopes on the second one. The highly routine narrative devoid of genuine twists is a bummer. Still, iSmart Shankar is worth a visit once to theatres for creating the fantastic lead protagonist.

iSmart Shankar Review, iSmart Shankar Movie Review RatingsNidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh and Others?
There are two heroines in the movie, Nabha Natesh, and Nidhi Aggerwal. The former has a better role in that it is part of the entertainment sequences of the movie. The latter still has a crucial role as a scientist. Both have done an okay job acting-wise. But, there is a different dimension to them in the songs where they ooze raw sexual appeal in a typical Puri Jagannadh style of sexiness.

Apart from the female leads, there is an excellent ensemble cast of known faces like Sayaji Shinde, Sathaydev, Deepak Mishra, Punit Issar and others. Sathaydev is alright in a small but vital role. Sayaji does his usual and is still alright. The rest are decent in their parts.

Mani SharmaMusic and Other Departments?
The music of iSmart Shankar given by senior music director Mani Sharma is excellent. It is a chartbuster audio-wise. Visually they are shot in the most regular fashion possible. The cinematography is good as most of the Puri’s films. The editing is shaky and jerkier at times. The writing, as said above, is lovely. It isn’t anywhere near the best works of Puri jagannadh, but it offers enough to engage and entertain and is an essential part of the character of the lead.

iSmart Shankar Review, iSmart Shankar Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Writing and Direction
First Half

Routine Story
Second Half

iSmart Shankar Review, iSmart Shankar Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
If you have not heard of the movie Project Z, find it and give it a try. It is a perfect alternative take for the core plot of Ismart Shankar.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with reservations

iSmart Shankar Review by KK-US


Final Report:

The second half takes a very routine and predictable turn as feared. iSmart Shankar could have been so much more with the fresh backdrop and core plot. It turns out to be an ordinary and formulaic commercial fare, in the end.

– Ustaad (Ram) finally finds out the man he has been searching for but the revelation isn’t any surprises after all that build-up. iSmart Shankar comes to end after a routine climax.

– iSmart Shankar second half started. Ustaad is dealing with his double memory and trying to find the man behind his big loss.

First Half Report:

Ismart Shankar offers what it promises in high doses with a fresh plot. It is decent so far with a neat interval bang. A lot depends on how well the story develops in the second half and if the freshness is maintained.

Ram, his whole transformation and the plot involving Satyadev  (with a twist in the tale) are what holds the interest. Now that they are done let’s see what is in the store next.

– Double SIM activated for Ustaad iSmart Shankar (Ram). We can’t reveal more as it’s a potential spoiler. Interval.

– Shankar commits a high level of murder for money. Twist to his girlfriend Nabha’s character in the revenge game. So-far it’s more about Ustaad iSmart Shankar’s attitude.

– Ustaad (Ram) opens his flashback. Rough and tough Ustaad Shankar falls for  Nabha Natesh. Puri Jagan makes a special appearance in the title song.

– iSmart Shankar show started. Nidhhi Agerwal explains about the brain and how memory transfer can be possible. Meanwhile, murder accused Ustaad (Ram) escapes from jail.

iSmart Shankar US Premier live updates will begin at 8 pm EST (5.30 am IST).

Preview: iSmart Shankar

iSmart Shankar, there is a total mass feel to the title that is justified by the promotional material of the movie. Ram has gone for a complete makeover for the mass role and if it’s Puri’s vision of how his hero must be, then Ram has done 100% justice.

So, no blame will be bestowed on Ram except for the fact that he chose an extreme mass role that may go haywire if handled in a wrong manner. Hope, Puri didn’t fail Ram and his choice.

With half-a-dozen flops to his credit, there are a lot of doubts if Puri can weave his magic back with iSmart Shankar. The concept of inserting a chip into the protagonist’s head seems intriguing, though.

Mani Sharma gave the initial support with the audio album that was well received by the music lovers. It was the right kind of album that helped the movie gain some positive buzz.

The heroines, Nidhhi Agerwal and Nabha Naresh would have their share as entertainers with their glamour and if the movie has the capacity to win, they would also be benefitted.

All in all, it’s like an acid test for Puri Jagannadh and hope, he delivers this time coming back with a bang at least for the sake of his dedicated die-hard fans who have been with him even during his current flop phase.

It’s time for ‘iSmart Shankar comprehensive review from mirchi9 team. Stay tuned, folks!