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Utterly Loud, But Fun Retro Mass


2h 31m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Vishal-Mark-Antony-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Mark (Vishal) is a mechanic and loves Ramya (Ritu Varma). However, the marriage is rejected by Ramya’s mother because of Mark’s gangster roots. He is the son of a big don Antony (Vishal) who is no more.

What happens when one day Mark accidentally finds a time-traveling telephone? The movie’s basic plot is the changes Mark brings to the lives of various people around him due to his act.


Vishal plays the dual role of Mark and Antony. The characterization of the father and the son are well defined which helps in showcasing a difference. Vishal plays to his strengths and it all works out well. However, there is nothing memorable from his side and the whole thing comes out as another action-hero attempt from him.

Ritu Varma has a brief appearance when seen on the whole. She is a catalyst to move the narrative forward and change the whole thing, but it doesn’t involve anything from her acting-wise. Ritu Varma has a lovely presence and that’s it.

SJ Suryah without any doubt is the real highlight of the movie. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say, he is the hero of the film.

SJ Suryah’s inimitable body language and dialogue delivery are used to the maximum. Some stretches shine only due to his tremendous timing and unique mannerisms. There is loudness in the whole act, but it gels well with the narrative. Even if one isn’t used to it, things settle down well eventually. After Maanaadu, SJ Suryah finds himself in another supremely memorable and entertaining part.

Adhik Ravichandran directs Mark Antony. It is a mass-action entertainer with a sci-fi twist. The ‘twist in the tale’ is its USP.

The movie’s opening is not to be missed at all. It’s here that the basic rules of the premise are literally set. One might still not find it a problem, but watching it makes the narrative more fun.

Once the sci-fi rules of the plot are set, Mark Antony takes time to establish the different characters and their dynamics. It is essential as one might get lost in the narrative ahead which involves the same characters acting differently.

The real fun starts when the time travel element is brought into the narrative. The proceedings get a booster shot in the arm with the twist. The retro setting and BGM add to the fun. There is a bombastic feeling to the proceedings despite the loudness.

The actual story involving the gangster friends, Antony and Jackie isn’t new. We have seen those many times, it’s the sci-fi angle and whacky execution with SJ Suryah’s act that makes the difference.

The perfect example of the sci-fi element helping the narrative can be seen at the interval. The actual twist is hardly anything, but the spin the fresh angle gives makes one excited and look to the second half.

Things are on track post-intermission as well. But, more importantly, the fun quotient is raised here with the talents of SJ Suryah used to the hilt. The stretch involving the actor talking to his past self is hilariously executed. In fact, during this segment, one even forgets a hero exists in the movie.

The fun is coupled with a little bit of intrigue as well, as things move forward. It keeps the narrative balanced. But, the predictable hero moments and drama turn into bumps in between.

The biggest issue with the movie is the repetitiveness of the time travel element and its loudness. It’s fine as long as the fun works. However, by the time one reaches the climax, one can’t help but feel a little exhausted. The illogical twists are turns that were fine until then also reach the next level as the over-the-top tone is amplified towards the end.

Still, the entertainment and freshness of the time travel concept help overcome the issues. One ends up having a satisfied feeling when it’s done.

Overall, Mark Antony is an over-the-top mass-action entertainer with a fresh time travel twist and SJ Suryah. It is a timepass watch if the loudness is okay.

Surya-Antony-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

As the main artists themselves have multiple variations hardly anyone else registers among the supporting cast. Sunil, who’s getting decent roles in Tamil gets another one here. He is fine as usual. resin Kingsley who missed the mark in the last outing is fine here doing the routine in his style. Selvaraghavan in a special appearance looks unrecognizable, but he does his job. The rest of the cast are okay.

Music-Director-GV-PrakashMusic and Other Departments?

GV Prakash Kumar’s music is a mixed bag. The songs don’t have an impact on the screen. However, the background score is terrific and goes superbly with the tone of the film. One can sense that he is having fun with his work and it rubs on the proceedings.

The cinematography is neat, capturing the yesteryear’s vibe. The nineties and seventies setting is used effectively to give the retro touch. The editing is sharp. There is lag, no doubt, but given the premise, things could have turned chaotic. The writing is adequate.


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Yes, with slight reservations

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