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Miserable Love Story


2h 15m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Akash Puri - Romantic Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vasco wants to become a criminal and earn fast money. He has a goal in mind, too. What happens when, in the process, Vasco is attracted towards Monica? How his story ends is the movie’s basic plot

Akash Puri has played a full-fledged lead role in a couple of movies before Romantic. Here he does the same, but in a typical commercial set-up and as a regular hero. His voice is a major asset and it has been used well. Akash is also good in action, and it is visible here as well.

The role of a gangster feels too big for Akash to carry, especially considering the babyface. It is fine initially, but in the latter portions, it is clearly evident. The facial hair is a mere distraction. The romantic scenes are fine.

Director Anil Paduri - Romantic Telugu Movie ReviewAnalysis
Anil Paduri directs Romantic based on the story, screenplay and dialogues provided by Puri Jagannadh. Well, the latter may not be officially a director, but his mark and stamp are visible out and out.

The movie opens with the voice-over of Ramya Krishna and instantly draws us into the Goan mafia world. Many characters are present, but there is less confusion.

The story progresses on predictable lines with gangster and mafia elements taking precedence for most of the first half. The heroine is introduced half an hour into the narrative, but the romance happens only around the pre-interval mark.

The pre-interval and interval are adequately done to keep the interest alive in the movie. It does look like the best of Puri Jagannadh scenes put together, but one looks forward to seeing what is in store for Vasco and Monica in the second half.

For a brief moment, it looks like ‘vintage’ Puri Jagannadh is back with his writing post-intermission. The interrogation scene involving Ramya and Monica is an example. Similarly, the following sequences have enough drama to hold attention.

Unfortunately, it is downhill for the narrative after these few initial sparkling glimpses. The story stops progressing and the police investigation and tracking gets repetitive. There are too many songs in succession adding nothing to the narrative and testing the audiences patience.

One still hopes there is something ahead, but nothing exciting arrives. The proceedings get further loud. The whole thing ends with nothing but noise and no emotions.

Overall, Romantic has an inherent passion in its romance but is never explored fully. What it is is a predictable crime story where it offers nothing new. The combined narrative is an irritating affair that leaves one scratching heads in disbelief.

Ketika Sharma - Romantic Telugu Movie Review Ketika Sharma & Others?
Ketika Sharma makes a smashing debut with Romantic. But, it’s more to do with her glam appeal rather than acting which is alright. She is a significant asset to the movie for the same reason.

We have seen Ramya Krishna play aggressive roles before, here she does so in typical Puri Jagannadh style. It brings freshness to her act and makes it stand out among her recent roles. Uttej after a long time is seen in a decent role. He is fine in all the dramatic scenes. Veteran actress Rama Prabha is seen in a weak role. The rest of the cast is alright playing bits and pieces roles.

Music Director Sunil KashyapMusic and Other Departments?
Sunil Kashyap provides the music for the film. His ‘music’ is alright throughout with so much variety, but the lyrics play spoilsport. The background score is energetic and lifts the proceedings whenever it gets dull. The cinematography is good in parts. Some scenes have a short film vibe to them.

Ramya Krishna
Ketika Sharma

Second Half
Too Many Songs

Alternative Take
More focus on the transition of lust to romance with less gangster drama and police chases would be a better alternative.

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Romantic Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti