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Ram Charan RRR Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Set in the Adilabad district of pre-Independent India in the 1920s, Malli is kidnapped by Britishers for her lovely voice. Bheem (Jr NTR) is entrusted with bringing her back whereas Raam (Ram Charan) takes the bounty to catch him.

Did Raam catch Bheem? Or did he realise his folly and help Bheem in his endeavour is the basic premise of RRR.

Jr NTR- RRR Movie ReviewPerformances

When director SSR Rajamouli says that both the stars are vital for the narrative, he means it seriously. We see that in RRR where both the actors do well sticking to their strengths.

NTR playing Bheem is the emotional anchor of the whole movie. It is why he scores the brownie points. The intro is on expected lines, but the pre-interval block and Komaram Bheemudo sequence stands out. Right from the start, his character arc grows in strength before sharing it with the other star.

It brings us to Ram Charan. His character is developed keeping in mind the story of RRR. It doesn’t deviate for the sake of heroism until the last half an hour in the second half. The introduction sets things perfectly in that regard where Raam is presented ruthlessly. Compare this to Bheem, Jr NTR’s intro is more cinematic and hence seems better.

When it’s time for the climax, Charan gets the best dialogues, get up and intro meeting the hype. The ‘Alluri’ get up is especially extraordinary and he nailed it.

In the end, SS Rajamouli balances them well and gives the high moments equally. If the first half is reserved for Jr NTR, the second half of the second half is reserved for Charan. Both shine and make us believe that RRR wouldn’t be possible without them.

Rajamouli - RRR-Telugu Movie ReviewAnalysis

The master storyteller SS Rajamouli directs RRR. It is a character drama set in the background of pre-Independence. The narrative focuses on the characters of Bheem and Raam.

There is a formulaic approach at the beginning when seen superficially, as in the beats the predictable. However, Rajamouli being the master storyteller that he is easily overcomes it with high octane intros for his stars. Such an issue never crops in our minds.

Both the stars are introduced in a fan-pleasing manner and are equally vital to the narrative. But, Bheem shines as it feels free from the chains of the narrative. It is cinematically mounted whereas Raam intro is done thematically. The latter introduces the character and also takes the narrative forward simultaneously.

The proceedings that follow are lighter vein in emotions but are essential in establishing the bond. If that isn’t the case, the core theme would have fallen flat. If not for the establishment of the friendship between the two, the pre-interval, interval and post-interval sequences wouldn’t have the same impact. This is where Rajamouli hit a sixer in the first half itself.

After a sensational interval, the second half takes time to get going. There are a couple of emotional moments that stay with us. The Komaram Bheemudo block is a highlight that puts to use the characterisation of the stars to great use thematically as well as cinematically.

On the flip side, the Bheem escape sequence and portions involving Alia Bhatt could have been done better.

Still, there are no dull moments, even if the narrative slackens. Things once again gain momentum after the transformation of Ram Charan. The pre-climax and climax are dominated by the duo. But, it’s Alluri who shines.

Overall, RRR has a fabulous first half and a slightly underwhelming, but thoroughly engaging second half. If you are a fan of either of the stars, watching RRR is a no brainer decision. In case, you are not, the grandeur, larger than life making makes it a sure shot watch.

Alia Bhatt - RRR Movie Review Performances by Others Actors?

Apart from Jr NTR and Ram Charan, everyone else plays bits and pieces supporting roles. Alia Bhatt has nothing significant to do barring a couple of vital moments with Tarak. Yes, Alia Bhatt is paired with Charan, but she has key scenes with Jr NTR. Olivia Morris is alright. She has the main part in the first half and gets the typical entertaining segment in the first half.

Ajay Devgn appears briefly in the flashback and is alright, as usual. Samuthirakani is good whereas Rahul Ramakrishna is dependable like always. Among the rest, Alison Doody and Ray Stevenson are alright.

MM Keeravani - RRR-Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?

MM Keeravani who is a regular with SS Rajamouli provides the music for RRR. The outdated musician disappointed everyone with the songs, but he makes up for it with the background score. It is terrific. Another regular with Rajamouli is Senthil. The cinematography is excellent. The forest backdrop sequences and night shots are wonderfully captured. But, that’s not it, there is more, and he has done an excellent job.

The editing could have been better. There is a perception of lengthiness, but it doesn’t affect much. The writing is alright. It hits the right notes where it matters, but that’s it.

RRR-Telugu Movie Review-HighlightsHighlights?

Ram Charan
Final 30 Minutes


Drag in the Second Half
Raam-Seetha Character Arc
Rushed Parts

Ajay Degn - RRR Movie ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

RRR Movie Review by M9News

Final Report:

After a superb first half, the second half takes time to get going. But, it gets better and the last half an hour is excellent. The emotions are delivered and MM Keeravani plays a key role in elevation. He hits it out of the park.

— Raam and Sita’s character relationship isn’t established well.

— Komaram Bheemudo’s (song) emotions are enhanced with Jr NTR’s on-screen histrionics.

— RRR second half started with a flashback episode of Ram. Ajay Devgn and Sarojini are his parents who fight against Britishers.

First Half Report:

The first half takes off with solid intro blocks. The narrative then progresses with multiple high moments and ends with a solid interval block.

The lighter moments, Naatu Naatu song and terrific BGM hold things together in between the fabulous intros and the superb interval block.

Now, it’s all up to the second half to continue the momentum.

— Naatu Naatu is perfectly placed in the narrative. And what we have seen in the video promo is just a sample of what the actual video showcases.

— Dosti is as pleasant to watch on screen as it is to hear.

— Raju-Akthar’s first meeting action episode is lovely and lit. It’s a big treat for fans and general audience alike.

— After two back to back power packed intros the story sets the realistic mood.

— NTR Intro: The most awaited Jr NTR intro will take his ‘Tiger’ moniker to the next level. Fans will go berserk with the beastly intro. Best intro for NTR till date, undoubtably!

— RC Intro: Hugely mounted and tough to execute, but master craftsman Rajamouli succeeds in giving a powerful intro for Ram Charan. Perfect vibe set for the most tough character.

— RRR take of in a forest in Adilabad forest. Within no time, Rajamouli takes us into the world of the period setting. Everything looks grand, but simultaneously, with a realistic feel. An emotional start.


RRR Review, U.S. Premiere will begin at 11 AM IST. Stay tuned for first report and RRR Movie Review.

The long wait for over a thousand days for a new film from stars Jr NTR and Ram Charan and a new project of maverick director SS Rajamouli after Baahubali movies finally ends. RRR is all set to hit the big screens on March 25th.

RRR is undoubtedly the most awaited Telugu movie in a while. The combination of the troika – Jr NTR, Ram Charan and SS Rajamouli is the reason. For the first time since the ‘Eighties’ era, two top contemporary stars are acting together. It is a proper multistarrer in that sense.

The Mega combo and period genre has raised tremendous expectations on RRR. The openings (first day and first week) and the long run of Baahubali 2 have remained unchallenged until now. RRR is poised to break the opening records. However, it is the long run that is on everyone’s mind. The trade expects RRR to achieve the impossible with positive word of mouth.

A massive blockbuster with RRR will make all the efforts worthwhile for the two stars, Jr NTR and Ram Charan. They have dedicated so much time to a single project. It could also help spawn more similar films in the near future.

While success is necessary everywhere, a huge one in non-Telugu languages means more strength to the ambitious pan-India movies. There is already a few inline, and RRR’s success would boost their prospects.

The star pairing, larger than life making, and SS Rajamouli mark elevations are the USPs of RRR. If they work along with the highly charged emotions, the sky will be the limit for RRR’s box office performance.

As always, M9News will bring you a ‘First-On-Net’ RRR review, genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates.