Senior TDP leader Payyavula Keshav recently highlighted the High Court’s stance on the allegations against TDP chief Chandrababu in the skill case. Keshav emphasized that the CID failed to provide any substantial evidence to support the accusations. He expressed concern over a new trend where investigation agencies arrest individuals before gathering concrete evidence.


From the outset, TDP has maintained the absence of irregularities in the skill development matter. Keshav criticized attempts to deceive the public through press meetings without presenting evidence in court. Notably, the CID couldn’t demonstrate proof of funds being received in the TEDP account or Chandrababu’s personal gain.


Highlighting the lack of conclusive findings regarding tax evasion during the IT department’s investigation, Keshav stressed Chandrababu’s unjust 50-day incarceration without any corruption charges. This criticism sheds light on the need for transparent and evidence-based legal proceedings.