Vijayashanti, a former film actress and MP, defended her decision to switch parties amidst criticism. She clarified that her move from BJP to Congress was prompted by her commitment to addressing corruption in India, especially after being approached by BJP leaders advocating action against corruption.

Vijayashanti, who started her political journey with BJP in 1998 before merging her own party with TRS, recently rejoined Congress.

Her return aligns with the party’s aggressive campaigning for the upcoming 2023 Telangana election. Vijayashanti emphasized that she, along with other leaders, joined BJP after assurances of unwavering support against corrupt rule in the state. However, feeling deceived when BJP extended support to BRS, she left the party. She stressed the sacrifices made for Telangana’s prosperity and urged for introspection rather than mere criticism. Her decision to switch parties was rooted in the pursuit of a better future for Telangana, which she felt was compromised by the political alliances.