Akshay Kumar Sarfira Opening

Gone are the days when the Bollywood audience used to lap up a film and give it big openings just based on the star power. Consequently, not many superstar films have been able to open big at the box office of late, barring mad-hype films like Jawan and Animal.

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In the case of Akshay Kumar’s Sarfira which is releasing tomorrow, the openings are horrendous to say the least.

There are less than 12 hours to go for the release and the film has sold 1800 tickets in leading multiplexes across the country. It might end up in the range of 3000 tickets by the time of release it seems.

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At this rate, the film might not even open with Rs 1 crore at the Indian domestic box office. At best, with a good momentum over the last few hours, the film’s worldwide nett might be at Rs 2-3 crore nett, it seems.

Akshay Kumar appears to have lost all credibility amongst the audience and that is clearly showing in this case. It is about time that he seriously introspects his film choices, else, he is at the brink of entirely losing his market, if he hasn’t already.

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