There’s no doubt that Alia Bhatt has emerged as one of the biggest celebs in Bollywood in recent years. She has proved herself not just in the field of acting but also as a fashion icon. Alia is one of the biggest influences when it comes to fashion and she rarely disappoints. Her look from the Met Gala was highly appreciated by fashion critics all around the world.

Alia has shared a few photos on her Instagram account in a very unique and gorgeous outfit. She has nearly 85 million followers on her Instagram with whom she shared this new look. Alia wore pants and a suit style dress which was very unconventional.

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The floral pattern of the entire outfit gave it a very charming look. She wore a bra top with pink print all over and it looked super hot on her. She flaunted her belly and curves in the outfit and slayed with it.

The suit looked heavy on traditional design and gave her the look of the perfect fusion. She adorned herself with jewelry of similar fashion. She wore white platform heels for the outfit and it looked perfect on her.

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