Esshanya S. Maheshvari came out to treat her fans to a hint of purple this time. In her latest photoshoot for a lingerie brand, we can see Esshanya wearing a very pretty royal purple brallette. Esshanya layered the bralette with a very chic button-down blouse. The blouse was a good addition to her overall look, as it seamlessly blended into her outfit. Her voluptuous and seductive figure was on display, as she chose to pair the top bralette and the blouse with a very glittery and glimmering skirt with a very pretty snatched waist.

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Her sexiness knows no bounds, and she rules the hearts of millions. Esshanya is one curvy baby. The actress and model have many more hues on display. Each of them, whether it be black, red, or purple, complimented her pretty and fair skin. The bralette left a little to the imagination, enticing her fans to the next level. The lacy bra looked very elegant and sexy. Esshanya was very confident in her attire and was ready to rule the day.