Malvika Mohanan has turned up the heat even further before the monsoon could even hit. The Malyalam and Telugu actress has never disappointed us with her sexiness. Malvika is one of the hottest names in the industry. Her dusky skin, smokey eyes, and dark feminine energy can make anyone submit. The streak of Malvika’s sexy outtakes continues with her latest photoshoot. Malvika looks irresistible in this post.

The actress is wearing a very pretty wine dress. The flayed arm sleeves were an immaculate fashion choice that enhanced her sexy figure. The white wine dress hugged her body in such a way that her beautifully toned curves were on full display, which surely gave her fans serious body goals.

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The mirror work on her dress looked very pretty as it scintillated in the pretty diffused light. The mirror work was not the only USP of the sexy attire in Malvika. The dress was backless to add to her sexiness. She looked absolutely mesmerizing in the way she arched her back against the wall, making all her fans drool over her hotness. All of whom just cannot stop showering her with pretty words of praise and admiration.