Tollywood has not delivered a single commercial hit film at the box office since the Sankranthi season ended. We’ve had several releases, but none have made noise at the box office.

Now that no Tier 1 star’s film is releasing for the summer, the trade is speculating about which film will become a surprise blockbuster.

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We have as many as four films with mid-tier stars. Firstly, Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Family’ has a huge advantage if the content delivers. Parasuram needs to deliver a true blockbuster rather than an average film to take advantage of the release date situation. Only then will Vijay see a true blue blockbuster.

Although director Puri Jagannadh is at his rock bottom, he is coming with Ram once again for ‘Double iSmart,’ which will naturally have good hype due to its mass sequel. This film has the potential to deliver big in mass centers, but will Puri deliver for Ram?

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Vishwak Sen, who has created his own market due to his different choices, is coming soon after ‘Gaami’ with ‘Gangs of Godavari,’ releasing on May 17th. The film has a high chance of becoming the highest grosser for Vishwak, as raw and rustic films with good audio are working well these days.

Last but not least, the immediate next release, ‘Tillu Square,’ is releasing on March 29th. The film enjoys the penetration of the first part and a cult character, but at the same time, expectations will be high this time. Anything less will be stamped as an average sequel, but if the film delivers, it will be terrific.

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We need to see which hero among these four will have a blockbuster laugh.