Nithya MenenFor a while now, the Me Too campaign has been making waves in the film industry. While it has slowed down recently, it has provided a platform for actresses to share their experiences of harassment in the industry.

Now, according to several social media posts, prominent South heroine Nithya Menen has vaguely mentioned a disturbing encounter with a well-known Tamil actor.

“I once experienced harassment from a Tamil star hero. He behaved inappropriately and invaded my personal space during a shoot. It was mentally exhausting,” Nithya reportedly stated in these social media reports.

The actress chose not to disclose the actor’s name, but she did confirm that it was a star hero who harassed her. She also revealed that she had faced similar issues in the Tamil film industry.

Netizens are speculating about the identity of the star hero responsible for the harassment. However, Nithya clarified to a web journalist that she never made any such statements and was shocked by the false information circulating in her name.

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