Actress Rhea Chakraborty (Tuniga Tuniga fame)recently went through the worst shock of her life as she became a victim of molestation in Mumbai. This incident occurred in her building in broad daylight with two guards on duty at the same building. The actress expressed her shock and distress through her social networking page and tweeted, “Mumbai is so unsafe, it’s scary to another level..I am absolutely frustrated with the men in this country .. Here this out, it’s ridiculous (sic).” The further explained showing her anger and rage at the men in India, “I just got groped by a very well dressed man who casually walks into my building in broad daylight, with 2 watchmen chilling in the building. Can a girl not walk in to her own building at 5 pm.. Where is the f***ing guarantee of not getting molested (sic).”

The actress rescued herself from any more problems and explained how in one of her posts on Twitter, “Luckily, I take martial arts classes and I managed to kick him real hard.. And screamed so he ran away.. But Mumbai is suffocatingly unsafe. Action needs to be taken , or are we waiting for 1000s more to get molested.. ?? Is anyone going to bother , elections are round the corner! (sic)”.