Director TejaTeja is known for his outspoken and frank statements. During the pre-release event of his upcoming film, Ahimsa, Teja gave a statement that he made Ahimsa with Abhiram out of guilt that he couldn’t keep the promise of making a film for Ramanaidu when he was alive.

He also said that after completing 90% of the movie, when Suresh Babu saw the rushes, he realized it wasn’t turning out well and asked Teja to scrap it. Teja convinced Suresh Babu that the purpose of making Ahimsa was not for commercial success but to honor his promise to Rama Naidu. This statement created a lot of confusion as he himself admitted directly that the film hadn’t come out well.

Now during another interaction with the media yesterday, Teja tried to cover his goof-up and clarified that people misunderstood his statement. Teja said that first, he showed the parts where Abhiram’s performance was substandard. After seeing them, Suresh Babu asked to stop the project. Then he showed him the rushes where Abhiram acted in a much better way. Then he was convinced and asked us to go ahead.

Teja added Suresh Babu’s track record of judging a film is 90%, which is very rare in the industry.