Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur, once the talk of Tollywood after the success of “Sita Ramam,” seemed to have lost her stride in the industry. Despite becoming a household name with the super-successful film, her presence in Tollywood dwindled over time.

Mrunal’s recent comedy film “Aankh Micholi” in Bollywood failed to make waves. Despite featuring an ensemble cast and a hit director (OMG and 102 Not Out), the film struggled to cross the Rs. 2 crore mark. Fortunately, the film’s disaster reception went relatively unnoticed, allowing Mrunal to escape unscathed from its failure.

The film’s underperformance is a cautionary tale for Mrunal Thakur, urging her to be selective in her film choices to avoid any detrimental impact on her career.

While her OTT release, “Pippa,” a war drama, received decent reviews for its sincere execution, it didn’t contribute positively to her career trajectory.

Now, all eyes are on her upcoming project, “Hi Nanna,” a highly emotional and potential film starring Nani. This marks her return to Telugu cinema post-“Sita Ramam,” and expectations are high not only for the film’s reception but also for Mrunal Thakur’s performance beyond the realm of “Sita Ramam.”

Bollywood has not been able to do justice to her talent or beauty. It was Tollywood who recognized her potential as a mainstream lead actress. So the success of Hi Nanna is extremely crucial for Mrunal if she wants to prolong her stay in Tollywood.