Allari Naresh’s Bachhala Malli teaser was released on the occasion of his birthday, but the teaser has hurt sentiments based on reactions.

Bachhala Malli teaser begins with a Bhagavad Gita quote, and Allari Naresh is seen getting angered by it and tries to break the speaker by hitting it to the ground.

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This act did not sit well with many, as they feel it has hurt Hindu sentiments, and Allari Naresh is facing severe criticism for being part of such an act and having it released on his birthday.

Some are demanding an explanation from the Bachhala Malli team and Allari Naresh, questioning if he would dare to be part of such a scene if it were any other religion.

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We need to see how the makers and Allari Naresh react to this and whether they keep this scene in the final cut of the film after this controversy.

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