GA2 Ramalayam Veedhi Friends

GA 2 Pictures is trying to foster fresh talent again as it ventures into another comic entertainer with its latest production starring Narne Nithin, brother-in-law to superstar NTR Jr.

Paired opposite newcome Nayan Sarika, Nithin’s comedic prowess is expected to take center stage in this upcoming film directed by Anji Babu Kanchipalli.

Initially, two titles were under consideration. One is Ramalayam Veedhi Friends Circle (Mammalni Evadra Aapedi) and the second is Aaye! Mem Friends Andi. But, looks like the team decided to go with Ramalayam Veedhi Friends Circle.

With its quirky storyline and young cast, this upcoming film is reported to be a whacky youthful entertainer like last year’s super hit movie MAD through which Narne Nithin made his debut.

GA2 Pictures has delivered hits like ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ and ‘Geetha Govindam,’ but they have also had their share of several misfires. Now, Nithin seizes the opportunity to shine, backed by producer Bunny Vaas, Vidya Koppineedi, Kanchipalli Anji Babu, SKN, and presented by Allu Arvind.