Jr Ntr

Jr NTR has been having an interesting passage of late, at least with regard to his birthdays. As revealed by NTR himself, his RRR co-star Ram Charan used to celebrate his birthday in recent years while they were working on RRR.

Now that RRR is done, NTR was expected not to have a designated co-star buddy like how he had Ram Charan while filming for RRR.

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But again, NTR has found another star co-star buddy, this time in the form of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan as the two of them are filming for War 2.

On the occasion of NTR’s birthday today, Hrithik wrote “A very Happy Birthday to you @tarak9999! Here’s to another incredible spin around the sun. This time we spin together! I hope by the end of it the master is proud of the student in the kitchen! Haha! Stay healthy. Stay blessed.”

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It can be understood that NTR and Hrithik are having a fun time while filming for War 2 as Hrithik wishes to make NTR proud in the kitchen by the time War 2 filming is done, which could mean that NTR, who is a great cook is taking a lesson or two to Hrithik.

NTR is regarded as one of the warmest hosts and it is good for him that he is building more circles in the Bollywood circuit.

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