Nandamuri-Balakrishna-NBK107-KurnoolNandamuri Balakrishna is in Kurnool shooting for his next, #NBK107. Today he shot some crucial scenes of the film at the famous Kondareddy Buruju.

Balakrishna was seen in white and white wearing Rayban glasses. A massive crowd akin to the big political rallies arrived in Kurnool to see the star.

Balakrishna greeted all of them on an open-top jeep. The crowd is so huge that even the shooting got disrupted a bit.

Interestingly, YSR Congress MLAs in the same district are struggling to go to the people in the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

Despite using money and power, this kind of crowd is not seen at YSR Congress meetings.

But Balakrishna belittled them in a flash without spending any money.

Before the hero’s arrival, people waited for hours together knowing about the news in local media. There is no congregation of people from the party side because it is a film event and everything is organic.

Interestingly, TDP lost all fourteen seats in the Kurnool district in the 2019 elections.