PawanKalyan-BandlaGaneshThe last time Bandla Ganesh and Pawan Kalyan collaborated they delivered a box office blockbuster, Gabbar Singh. Bandla also claims he is a Bhakta of Pawan and often praises him to the sky on every occasion.

Ever since, there has been one big question from Pawan’s fans – When will Bandla produce another film with Pawan again?

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Cut to now, Bandla was asked by a Pawan Kalyan’s fan on Twitter about his next collaboration with the latter. In response, Bandla gave some Neethi Sookthulu(words of wisdom).

“If we are true fans we should let him(Pawan) do what he is doing. We should not disturb him with the film business. He is a man of different class and range.” Bandla said.

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Pawan’s fans are now saying that Bandla’s words of wisdom are out of the blue.

“We asked you about next collaboration with Pawan. You’re saying something about film business. All we wanted you to say is whether or not you’ll be collaborating with him in the near future. Why this unnecessary Neethi Sukthulu?” An ardent fan of Pawan replied to Bandla’s tweet.

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