Family Star Tillu Square

The IPL frenzy is gripping the nation, presenting a formidable challenge even to Tollywood.

With the IPL season in full swing, Jio Cinema is witnessing a staggering surge in viewership surpassing the 20 crore mark during peak match hours.

Lots of people, especially the youth, are glued to their phones watching IPL on Jio Cinema.

In this heightened atmosphere, cinema finds itself relegated to a secondary preference. This makes it hard for moviemakers to get people interested in their films.

Among the upcoming releases, two films, “Tillu Square” and “Family Star,” are generating significant buzz. The makers of “Tillu Square” are set to unveil a release trailer today, aiming to reignite curiosity and generate more buzz around the film.

Similarly, “Family Star” is poised to release its trailer on March 28, banking on a strong impact to entice audiences into theaters.

Both movies have some buzz around them and might do well, at least in the first weekend. But they’ll have to compete with the IPL frenzy to keep doing well in theaters.

To sustain momentum at the box office, these films must deliver not only compelling trailers but also great content to keep up with the IPL hype and make the most of summer holidays.