Big Shame On Indian OTT Industry!OTT content production is at an all-time high, thanks to the steep increase in content consumption. But the vast majority of regional web films and web series are following one single formula.

Almost every other web film and series runs on the concept of sex, violence, and cuss words. Aha Video‘s recent Telugu outing, The American Dream is no exception to the same.

The film revolves around an individual who goes to the USA in pursuit of money. It invariably banks on steamy romantic scenes between the lead pair, a violence-oriented thread, and excessive usage of cuss words. The exact same narrative is being used for several OTT films and series’ these days.

With adult content being the mainstay in the OTT space, it is becoming increasingly hard to find clean family-friendly content. We need to wait and see when this formulaic trend will end and filmmakers will explore other avenues.