Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 87Bigg Boss TV show took an interesting turn now with the kick-start of ‘Ticket to Finale’. There are seven members in the Bigg Boss house right now and they began taking part in their first challenge to be a part of the grand finale!

*Pinky-Maanas and a Never-Ending Saga*
Pinky has feelings for Maanas but Maanas does not reciprocate the same. Maanas indirectly tried to convey the same to Pinky but for some reason, she still expresses feelings for him. Pinky can take anything if it comes from Maanas but does not tolerate any comment if it is coming from other inmates.

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After the nominations, Maanas told Pinky that she did a mistake by nominating Kajal who was there for her multiple times. Maanas told Pinky that she should not have nominated Kajal but Pinky said that she does not have any reasons to nominate others except Shanmukh but he is the captain.

Maanas is upset with Pinky and asked her to think about who is her friends in the house. After that, he got up and made a move. Pinky stopped him and told him that she did not complete talking yet. Maanas argued that he told what he wanted to and does not want to listen to Pinky. Pinky was hurt with the same. She got emotional and expressed anger on Maanas.

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Later, when Maanas, Kajal, and Sunny are talking in the bathroom area, Pinky went there to talk to Maanas. The same discussion and arguments continued. Kajal and Sunny left. Maanas argued with Pinky and asked what her expectations are. Pinky was hurt by that statement.

Later, Pinky calmed herself down and made attempts to talk to Maanas again.

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*Kajal becomes villain*
When Pinky asked Kajal to give her some space to talk to Maanas, Kajal used it as a chance to tell her that she never gives space to others. Pinky did not like it. On one side, she is upset that her equation is going wrong with Maanas and on the other side, she wants to fix things with Maanas but Kajal comes in between and digs the past. Pinky lost her temper and yelled at Kajal. She even asked Kajal to shut up. Pinky also made a statement that the fights in the house are happening because of Kajal.

*Siri-Shannu’s running commentary*

While the Maanas-Pinky track is running in the background, Siri and Shanmukh sit near the swimming pool and give a running commentary by analyzing why they are doing it and what are the reasons for them to behave like that.

*Ticket To Finale*
Ticket To Finale is introduced in the house and this is a very important task every season. However, there is a condition applied. If the inmate gets a chance to be in the finale, and if the inmate is in nominations, he/she should become safe to get into the finale directly.

*Challenges for Ticket to Finale*
There are three challenges for the inmates to get the ticket to the finale. The first one is the test for Action, the second is the test for Speed, and the third one is the test for Endurance.

*Test for Endurance*

Test for Endurance is unanimously picked by all the inmates. In this task, there are 7 tubs filled with ice, with two buckets, one filled with balls and one with empty. The inmates will have to stand on ice, and if any inmate puts their leg outside, during that time, the other inmates can pick the balls from their bucket and put it in their empty buckets. By the end of the challenge, whoever has a maximum number of balls will be in the first place.

*Bigg Boss changes strategy*
The inmates began the game but Maanas, Kajal, and Sunny stood side to side. Shanmukh and Siri stood side by side. Sunny and Kajal are supporting each other while Siri and Shanmukh are also supporting each other. Bigg Boss understood this game and then changed his strategy. He changed the places of Sunny and Shanmukh.