Bigg Boss Season 7In the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 episode hosted by Nagarjuna on Wednesday, an interesting coin task was conducted to determine the contenders for the fourth Power Astra competition. The task involved three bankers, Shivaji, Sandeep, and Shobha Shetty.

The real competition began when Bigg Boss instructed the housemates to press a buzzer. The first person to press the buzzer had to choose a partner, and two pairs of contestants would be selected for the next level. Amar Deep was the first to press the buzzer, choosing Gautham as his partner and selecting Rathika and Teja as the opponents. However, during this, both Pallavi Prashanth and Prince Yawar had to suffer injuries. For a while, it appeared to be a violent task.

In the next level, the two pairs, Amardeep-Gautham and Teja-Rathika, competed against each other. One pair had to take photos in front of a camera held by Shivaji, while the other had to stop them from taking photos. The pair that took the most photos would win. The contestants trying to take photos were belted around their waists, and the opposing pair had to prevent them from taking photos by holding onto the belt.

During the game, Teja attempted to stop Gautham by placing a belt around his neck and pulling him, which startled the other housemates. Teja was reprimanded for his actions, with others questioning why he used the belt that way after the game had ended. The task has turned violent for some time but luckily, Gautham came out unhurt.

Amardeep and Gautham emerged as the winners, having taken the most photos.