Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-7-Rathika-PrashanthIn the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the competition was fierce among three contestants: Prince Yavar, Subhasree, and Pallavi Prashanth. They competed for Power Asthra, which would secure them an immunity of two weeks. Surprising everyone, Pallavi Prashanth won the task, and Rathika was unable to digest this reality.

In this task, all three contestants had to hold onto the Power Astra, and if anyone was let go, they would be eliminated from the race. The contestants could also try to convince each other to leave the task. However, none of them gave up. Bigg Boss asked other contestants to disturb them as well.

Taking advantage of the same, Rathika tried her best along with Amardeep to disturb Prashanth. Rathika intended to eliminate Prashanth from the race. Both Rathika and Amardeep indulged in personal verbal attacks against Prashanth, but he maintained his calm. Rathika tried for a long time to disturb Prashanth, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

Pallavi Prashanth demonstrated patience and held the Power Astra carefully, and it secured him victory. Pallavi Prashanth became the fourth contender to win the Power Astra, ensuring his safety for the next two weeks. But, whoever watched the latest episode would feel that Rathika and Amardeep displayed the worst behavior.

Regarding eviction, Kiran Rathore, Shakeela, and Damini have been eliminated. Currently, there are 11 housemates remaining. There are chances of Rathika getting eliminated.