Tollywood box office had two new theatrical outings last weekend and they were Family Star and Manjummel Boys(a Malayalam film dubbed in Telugu). Here is a look at the box office run of these two films.

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After a very sedate start, Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star started to sink big time right on the second day. The opening weekend collections are very weak for this commercial potboiler. Director Parasuram’s weak work has proved detrimental to this Vijay starrer.

It is high time for Vijay to seriously shake things up and reconsider his lineup if he is to uphold all the push that he got earlier and the sheer potential that he has. In box office terms, Family Star is a sinking ship that is apparently staring at big losses.

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Coming to Manjummel Boys, this film has had a rocking start at the Tollywood box office. It is catering to a section of the Telugu audience and there are reports that shows were added over the weekend in view of the good reception from the Telugu folk. The Telugu audience has been particularly receptive of good cinema of late and the trend is continuing with this film now.

Tillu Square had a superb first week and a promising second week. This Siddhu Jonnalagadda starrer has done the job at the box office and is one of the most profitable films of the year.

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