Free making of other language films without any acknowledgement for script and screenplay is quite common in Indian film industry, Every year numerous conflicts go till courts to resolve the issues but here’s a surprise for you. Charulatha is the movie inspired from a Thai-Korean film, “Alone” (2007). As it is a foreign movie, they could have easily free made it but they chose the other way. The makers of Charulatha have officially bought the rights of the movieand are remaking it in three languages – Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

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Alone is about a deceased Siamese twin returning to haunt surviving sister. Ponkumaran, a protege of K. Bhagyaraj and K. S. Ravikumar is directing the movie. National Award winning actress Priyamani is playing the role of conjoined twins. Mollywood actor Skanda is playing the male lead while Seetha, Saranya Ponvannan and Arthi play important. Sundar C Babu is scoring the music for this film, which would be released by Geetha Film Distribution in Telugu. The horror trilingual is produced by Ramesh Krishnamoorthy.