Is Dallas emerging as a hot destination to promote Telugu movies in the USA? Yes, and this trend has just begun.

This week, not just one, but three recent releases are being promoted in Dallas. Nithiin’s “Extra Ordinary Man,” distributed by Shloka Entertainments, had a pre-release event on its premiere day with movie fans.

Nani arrived in Dallas today and kicked off promotions. He will attend multiple shows, meeting fans briefly to boost collections for “Hi Nanna,” distributed by Prathyangira Cinemas and AA Creations.

Even Sandeep Reddy Vanga is in Dallas to promote “Animal,” although the film is more of a Hindi version in terms of box office success, rather than Telugu.

This is just the beginning; 2024 will see more actors from the industry coming to Dallas and touring other cities across the U.S.

This trend is inevitable for filmmakers and producers, considering the significant revenues generated in the U.S. Actors will find it more comfortable and refreshing to promote their movies here due to the convenience of travel.