The hugely hyped first song from the movie ‘Devara’ is out, and the initial dust is settling in. If we go by what Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichander has composed for the first number, we should say he has delivered.

The sound feels fresh, though the song feels heavily inspired by “Bad Ass” song. He delivered a modern mass song that’s required for a film of this scale.

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On the flip side, there is a section that hyped Devara ‘Fear Song’ better than Jailer ‘Hukum’ song before its release.

Now, many feel that comparison itself is unnecessary and unwanted. There is no addictive hook like ‘Hukum’ in the ‘Fear’ song. Those who fell for this ‘Hukum’ hype are surely disappointed to some extent.

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Again, without comparisons, Anirudh delivered, and the song will grow on multiple listens. The brief visuals shown highlight the scale of the project, but the major complaint is that an addictive hook word that should give instant high is missing.

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